Tastes from the East by Gordon Radley


This is the start of our great Chinese vegetable test. It’s Sunday, the 14th of April and a very very cold day. The wind is literally almost blowing through me not the most encouraging time to start sowing vegetable seeds.

Today I am sowing Cucumber Chinese Slangen,Pepper Hot Thai Culinary and a Winter Squash Uchiki Kuri.

During my recent trips to China I’ve loved the rich variety of the food. The vegetables are impressive and very tasty. So let’s get growing some of these Chinese vegetables in the UK. A bit of research has shown that they are quite widely available as seeds and sometimes young plants. 

We’ve got a group together to grow and cook these Chinese vegetables in the UK. 

Our team is made up of Lisa, Ben, Morwenna, Jack, Kevin, and me.

If you want to join us get sowing Chinese vegetable seeds too and report back to us.

We’ll be blogging, filming and taking pictures of our progress. We’ll be showing the content here and of course on the China Hour site


You can watch China Hour on Sky TV. 

The produce we are about to Grow!

The produce we are about to Grow!


Johnson seeds and Mr Fothergill’s have kindly supplied us with a range of different oriental vegetables to try out. 

Some of the Pak Chois need to be started a little later than our own British vegetables. We are going to be growing them in normal gardens which means that we’re not going to have acres of greens. Our garden designer Jack Dunckley though has the luxury of quite a bit of glass so his plants should do really well. We’ll be at the Chelsea Flower Show in May and interviewing David Turner from Mr Fothergill’s about Britain’s burgeoning interest in tastes from the Orient.


In June will be getting together in Surrey and swapping plants

I’m off again to China soon and the forecast over the next few days in the UK is getting much warmer so the next job is to sow some of the Chinese salad leaves directly outside.

Keep watching, keep growing and in a few weeks will be doing some tasting too.

Jack Dunckley