Early May China Plants update - Gordons Plants vs Jack's Plants


5th June - Jack Update

The parsnips and the pakchoi are now in full leaf inside a raised bed that I have constructed inside the greenhouse. Fingers crossed the slugs stay away as the plants are incredibly lush and healthy!

The coriander has been very slow off the mark but we have seedlings coming through. None of the chives have germinated. 

I would estimate we are a month away from harvesting our first lot of Pak Choi


I June - Gordon Update


Hot day dominated by numerous painful insect bites. England’s summer has definitely arrived. A couple of rows of Pak Choi are up though there are missing parts of the rows maybe due to bank voles. The Chinese Radishes are up as are the Chop Suey greens. 

The Chinese cucumbers are at all stages. Some are still with two leaves and two are have just been planted out. The remainder will grown on in small pots. The oriental squashes are doing well. I will plant a few in the woods the rest will be given to the team. I gather Jack has some good Pak Choi plants to swap now. The Mizunia is growing well  in a tub. 





16 May.  Gordon Update


Hot day. Today I planted  hundreds of seeds. 

In a small corner amongst  the  raised  vegetable beds I put in Chinese radishes, a couple of types of  Pak Choi and Chinese Chop Suey Greens. 





15 May - Gordon Update

a warm sunny day.

 Most of the seedlings in pots are doing well.

 Is getting much warmer at nights now so today I will sow some of the Pak Chois.

 Unfortunately slugs have rather reduced the number of seedlings for the salad leaves  

 Watering has really started in earnest now.

 I like to use the lance waterers for vegetables, tubs and hanging baskets.

 Often though they start to leak from the handle in the second year.

 i am trying out the Hozelock Plus Lance Spray. It looks terrific and it’s telescope so it should be good for reaching across the raised vegetable beds and get to the higher hanging baskets.

 In the past the foam hand grips have tended to go a bit hard and crumbly with time. Now I will try to store the new lance out of the sun.

 I have tried out various generations of hose over the years.


2 May - Gordon Update

Not a particularly warm day today. It’s okay for reseeding the lawn. 

In the greenhouse the Chinese vegetables are growing. The Chinese cucumbers have some leaves as do the 

Squash Uchiki. 


When these have grown a bit I can hand them out to the rest if the team. Not much I can do yet because it looks like there will be a frost  at the weekend.

3rd May - Jack’s Update

Even in the space of about a couple of days my seeds have doubled in size. Although outside the weather has been cold the greenhouse is maintaining a good temperature throughout the day which is really pushing the plants on!

Unfortunately the Coriander and the Chives aren’t showing at the moment! They do take longer to germinate so hopefully we will see them very shortly!

I must say I am very much looking forward to harvesting the crops and making an amazing Chinese stir fry with all this produce!

Jack Dunckley