Jack Dunckley Landscape Architecture


Jack Dunckley Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is the art and practice of designing the outdoor environment, especially designing communal spaces to harmonise with existing infrastructure. Jack Dunckley’s Landscape Architects focus heavily on creativity and design, looking for new solutions, innovations and improvements.

The requirements of our commercial client base can be more complicated than that of our private base. The combination of meeting the needs of what can potentially be a great number of stakeholders, working to much more rigorous budgeting and complying with more internal systems, procedures, planning and reporting, can be a slow and wearisome process.

At Jack Dunckley Ltd, our landscape architects have the skills and the knowledge to expedite this process efficiently, and effectively manage and meet the expectations of all involved stakeholders.


Commercial and Landscape Architecture projects

Landscape Architectural Services

Our team have decades of experience planning and designing gardens, we are keen to hear about your project. 

  • Agronomical Surveys.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Environmental Impact
  • Assessments.
  • Third Party Consultations.
  • Lighting Plans.
  • Project Management.
  • Irrigation Plans.
  • Concept Drawings.
  • 3D Renders & visual graphics.
  • Construction Drawings & Section Elevations.
  • Schedule of Works & Method Statements.
  • Specifications & Build Estimate.
  • Initial Consultation.
  • Topographical Surveys.
  • Drainage Plans.